Tiffani E Mims (R) 2016 – Presidential Candidate Profile (Audio)

Below is my audio profile for Tiffani E Mims (R) 2016. She is running for president.




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Show Notes
Welcome to 2016 Presidential Interviews.
I’m your host Freedom Freedomson.
Yes that’s an online show name.
You can find my website at http://www.PresidentialInterviews.info .
I’m still attempting to get interviews from candidates.
If you’re a candidate and interested in doing an interview please email me at
Today I’m doing the first in many candidate profiles.
I will discuss declared candidates for president.
Today’s candidate is Tiffani E Mims.
Her full name on the FEC website is Tiffani El Dawn Mims
She’s running as a Republican, and her filing date was 11-27-2012.
You can visit her website at http://www.mims2016.com
She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.
Mims graduated from David W Carter High School
She earned a Masters through the University of Texas at Tyler, Pepperdine University, and Kaplan University.
She has a blunt, bold and truthful approach on her website.
Mims lists the four Rs.
Mims wants to renew national security by increasing military strength. She wants to increase drone production, train our troops and strengthen the naval fleet. A positive of this for her is an increase in jobs.
Mims desires to review how we punish those inside and outside of America who want to attack us. She thinks it’s ridiculous for elected officials to review their own crimes.
For revitalization she wants to bring back manufacturing to the United States. She believes this will provide good paying jobs so people will not be dependent on the government.
With reciprocity Mims hopes to review past executive orders which she views as attempts to circumvent congress. She also wants to do away with restrictive regulations on business.
Mims has three policy statements on Iran, global terrorism, and allies.
She views China and Russia as major enablers of Iran. She would seek to shut down outreach to Iran and punish those that enable them. Funds spent helping Iran would be spent on helping America
On terrorism Mims states, “My plan of action is to strongly enforce our laws and leave no tool unused: imprisonment, seizure and charges of terrorism for individuals within this country that are helping these terrorists. We will begin to charge American citizens who empower global terrorist with treason.”
Mims says she doesn’t want to play both sides with our allies. She wants to strongly support Israel.
Thanks for listening to this candidate profile of Tiffani E Mims.
If Ms. Mims is listening and would like to explain herself further, she is more than welcome to email me and schedule an interview.
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Good day..stay informed..stay passionate..and stay involved

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