My goal?

1. Give every declared candidate for president an opportunity to be heard.
2. Create a resource for voters to discover candidates receiving less coverage by the mainstream media.
3. Be nonpartisan, unbiased, fair, and create a safe environment for the candidates to be heard.

Think of this as an opportunity for the candidates to give an audio auto-biography of sorts. I simply ask questions and give them a chance to “write”. My desire is for the candidates to receive the focus, I simply provide them a venue to be heard by asking questions and then get out of their way so they can answer.

At this point I’m not interrogating candidates or cross examining them heavily. That would distract from my intended focus, and could make this about me. This site is not for you if you’re looking for arguing, and heated dialog.


Because I’m annoyed that the mainstream media doesn’t provide adequate coverage of alternative candidates. I wanted to do something about that. Please understand, I don’t have delusions of grandeur. Yes I fully recognize that I’m a person of low influence right now. I may never be a person of high influence. Regardless, if someone is annoyed with a problem it’s their job to do something to fix the problem.

I’m doing everything within my abilities, and then letting the cookie crumble where it will crumble. It is within my power to search the FEC list of declared presidential candidates, reach out to those with an online presence, and ask them if they’d like an interview and a venue to be heard. It is within my power to reach out to various blogs, online media, etc. and inform them of this resource. I can only do what I can do. I refuse to do nothing because this is the only thing I can do. Sometimes Hail Mary passes are caught for touchdowns.